Sunday, April 24, 2011


 I want to thank everyone for the emails while I have been sick and in the hospital for surgery. Still not up to par, and I apologize for not getting back to everyone yet. Things are not going real well. Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter. Mine was wonderful!!! The kids have all left, hubby left for Omaha and then on to Portland,Ore. Two of my grandaughters have stayed behind with me tonight, so I must get busy and have playtime with them. Have a great night and many wonderful dreams.

Beautiful Swap Gifts From Vicky!

I received such beautiful gifts from Vicky over at  "Vicky's Art." I was in a swap of Tammy's, "So Me, So You."It was so nice getting to know Vicky and her sweet family. I am so sorry for posting this so late, but I have been really ill and had surgery a little over a week ago, and I'm not doing too well. Vicky does such exceptional work , and it is so beautiful. This picture does not do justice to her painting. The sweet little bunny in the watering sprinkler is so adorable. And look at all the goodies that were in the flower pot. Can't wait to get some nice weather.
Pretty little garden stone!
i love this so much...isn't it beautiful?  Thank you so much Vicky...I loved getting to know you and your family and our little chats on email. So sorry I am late posting. Everything is gorgeous.