Saturday, May 11, 2013


I live in a rural area, and  the town my grandkids go to school is six miles away. The school is about 3 miles off I-80 in Pa. Yesterday both High School and Elementary schools went on lock down. There was a man with a gun between the two schools. Police, swat team, helicopters were all called. we saw and heard the vehicles as they sped by, but had no idea what was going on. It then came across Facebook, and my heart stopped. They captured the man, who was not from around here, spoke no English, and was illegally in this country. He said he was shooting at birds. The schools are right across from one another, and well marked. The kids were terrified, but the teachers took very good care of them. By the time my daughter got there, parents were hysterical, and pulling their children out of both schools left and right. I don't think I've have stopped crying since it happened. All I can think of is Sandy Hook, and what those parents went through.  The innocence of children is coming to an end. My 6 and 7 yr old told me they thought they were going to die, and were never so scared in their life. Who would have ever thought that this could happen here. Thank God everyone was safe. The border patrol was notified, but this whole story is being kept quiet, and there still is not a lot being released. I guess no place is safe anymore....I just want everyone to know that it can happen anywhere. A big thank you to the Pa. State Police and The Swat Team, and our local Authorities. Also to our School System for their excellence in handling things the way they did!