Friday, April 18, 2014


   It has been awhile...had a few setbacks etc., but everything is starting to look good! Thank goodness, Spring has finally arrived. I recently was partners with Francine, "PRIMITIVE STARS" IN Amy's (BUMBLE BEE LANE) annual "SPRING TIDINGS SWAP. "  I had such a good time getting to know Francine,  she is so bubbly and sweet. She sent me some really nice things, as you will see. Some of the pics didn't come out too good, but they are viewable. (kind of like my blogging)
 Love this little vintage glass. And this this sweet bunny egg cup is the sweetest thing ever. I just love it!!!  Abeautiful card, and a yummy bag of caramels, which I already ate...they were so good Francine
 Love these bundle of prim eggs and the pretty tag.
 Love my apron Francine.  Brightens up my kitchen.
 A better pic of the egg cup, isn't the Bunny so adorable?
   The cutest little pillow ever!  And look at ny hook! It goes in the kitchen also.

     Another picture of the apron. isn't it so pretty?  I want to thank you Francine from the bottom of my heart. You spoiled me, and I love everything. It was so great getting to know you! And Amy, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful swap. You are super!!!
   Here  is a picture of my brown eggs I colored. I think I like them better then the bright ones They are different. And then I found this chair a couple of weeks ago at a sale. I have been looking for one like it for awhile. And that really made my day. Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and I wish you all a beautiful weekend...