Friday, May 4, 2012

   It has been awhile, but I have been so wrapped up in everyday life and family,  it is hard to get everything done. I am feeling the pressure too. I have tried to get my rather new diagnosed  Diabetes under control, and it just isn't happening the way it is supposed too. Then on top of that,  I go to the Doctor the other day and find out I have shingles. It sure is making for a miserable month. And then I am having major reconstruction surgery on my leg in Pittsburgh on the 21st. and will be there for a week. Oh , and the medication is making me really sick. Great month so far, huh? Well, on to better things. There are so many great swaps out there,  so I have been busy working on them.  Below is the prize I won from Mary at HOPE FILLED LIVING. ACTUALLY, SHE GAVE AWAY 30 OF THESE PRIZES!!! She is just the nicest person,  and it was so sweet of her. Thank you so much Mary. I loved everything. I have already got my seeds planted and they are sprouting already.