Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new grandson. He should have arrived by now, but still no luck. It must be getting closer cause my daughter can't even sit or walk. She went to the hospital yesterday, but they sent her home. I really think it will be tonight. Hopefully! The weather was really cool here today; you can almost feel autumn in the air. We sure didn't have much of a summer to begin with. Even closed the pool early. I am planning on a few yard sales tommorrow and a couple of consignment shops if the baby doesn't show up! These are my four other grandkids. They are my sweeties. WOOHOO!!! I uploaded a picture, It is my first. Not the one I wanted, but i did it.

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Sue said...

Hope that grandchild comes soon...My 16th great grandchild was born 9-17-09 a little boy...Thanks for stopping by my blog...Good luck in the drawing..