Thursday, December 2, 2010

ii was recently in a swap over at Georgie's Decisionally Challenged blog for the second year in a row. It is the Secret Santa Soiree. W e filled out a questionaire of or likes for this. This year we post what we got our swap partner and see if they can guess who thier partner is. This has been so much fun. Enjoy!
                                               This is what I got my partner. She loves to read, so I thought a good book would be great!

                                               Next, she doesn't splurge on herself, so I thought some real sweet body wash, soap and lotion might be a good thing. It smells so awesome.

She loves chocolate, so  I included a bag of it.
And coffee to start her morning off right.
                                            She likes nice fingernails, and then a facial to go along with that. And a couple little bottes of lotion.
                                             My partner also loves penguins, so I put avotive holder of a penguin with candy in, a little windup penguin, and alittle paddle and ball to waste away the time. And a few other small items. Here is a pic of most of it together. I hope you like your swap package SSS partner. I enjoyed puttingit together.



Val said...

I think anyone would love to be your partner!! She is blessed. How are you doing? I haven't heard from you in a while.

Michelle said...

Thank you Linda. We received your Snoopy #3 matchbox and earrings. Just love them. Take care and have a safe and happy holiday.

Michelle & Ashley

Lynette said...

This is a fantastic SSS swap box. And I just happen to know that the lady LOVES IT! Thank you so very much. I went on an all day trip yesterday and when I arrived home it was waiting on me. My College Girl tore into it, having more fun trying to see what I received. Everything was just perfect, Honestly. You even made me weepy. My grandmother use to give me fine milled soap as a young lady. I have not had this in over 25 years. You did that for me too! Your special for that alone. Now lets add in the PENGUINS and you really rock. I adore those fat lil birds. Dean Koontz is my fav and I do not have this book. Thanks again. Chocolate and Coffee.....heck yeah! That is what I live on....especially the coffee part. Rock on! I wore the pretty pink socks last night. And can not wait to do the did you know I was breaking out?????? Now top all of this off with the fact that we always get a new ornament every year. And this year with all the dr. appts and surgeries Dear Hubby has had (and the ones coming up) we have not done that. Guess what you did! Yes, you gave me a perfect lil country ornament of a stocking to go on my tree. Thank you so so so much. You out did anything I could have ever hoped for. I appreciate you making My Christmas very special!

Lynette said...

I just had to brag about my goodies too!

Once again thank you!