Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love swaps.....

But have any of you ever had it tucked where the sun don't shine? I always had the best swap partners,and I really enjoy getting my swap packages together. But i think I have litterly had it tucked this time. I was in a swap at "A SWAP FOR ALL SEASONS"  for a Mother's Day Swap. We were to have sent a vintage brooch, with packaging, and I did that. I had a beautiful box, and a wonderful brooch that was my G.Grandmothers. Thought the lady would really appreciate it. Long story was a tucked swap. I am debating on listing these peoples names that do is just wrong, and so rude, The other one was due a month ago, and still nothing. I spent alot of time on this one too. Think I should list their  name and blog?  They can't even answer an email. Such a sad situation.


Hillcresthome Prims said...

Hi my friend, I am so sadden to hear about this story. It seems to happen more and more and it is VERY wrong. I just feel sad that you gave someone such a wonderful gift that was your Great Grandma's, a brooch. That is a treasure and not to response to you or a thank you or and email to you or post it on their blog. I am sorry to say but I think you should let the blog world know about people like this!

Hugs my friend and thank you for the pink package surprise and I have you down!!!

Summer Blessings,

tamera-country at heart said...

Sorry that you had went through this. Some people just don't think that on the other end is a person with feelings. That is just greedy. You put your heart into giving the brooch which you did not have to do and no thanks at all? Those people are not participating for the right reasons. It is about connecting to make friends and sharing each other's heartfelt gifts. I do swaps and giveaways to make friends, not to just win something.
Those people need to be called out on the carpet.
Country at heart

Vicky said...

SO very sorry that someone did this to you and your sweet self, Linda. Oh, but that just gets up my 'ire' knowing you gave up that special brooch from your GGrandmother!
I hope their hearts soften and they do the 'right' thing. The few I've participated in have been great. I think I'll remain especially picky and choosy.


Hi, sorry to hear about your swap, I have done several swaps and had only 1 bad one, I am now doing alot of one on one swaps and I find that I enjoy it more than the other ones.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oh no....I"m so sorry to hear you got 'ripped off' ...because that is what it is! It is a shame you gave up a family heirloom to be taken advantage of. It is not wrong of you to list the names. I keep track of those names that people list as 'swap duds' and won't include them in swaps if they sign up. It is only fair.
*Hugs* :-(

jennifer768 said...

That is so sad ! I am so very sorry that this has happened to you. For you to lose your grandmother's brooch makes it so much worse.Some people just have no respect for others.Selfishness is what it amounts too.Big hugs ,Jen

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You should definitely inform the swap hosts so that they know to refuse those 'duds' to be entered into any further group swaps. I prefer to do personal, one-on-one swaps. I would prefer to be allowed to know who these duds are so I do not get burned as well. I have been cheated out of giveaway wins, too, but I just let that go. I wish now that I had said something. It would just be sour grapes now, as one of them is a famous blogger with her own radio show.
Don't the innocent deserve to be protected from these predators? Since we have to pay postage, it's like paying to have someone steal from you!

Farmhouse prims said...

I am so sorry that this happened to you. They are hurting themselves in the long run. They will be found out and no one will swap with them. I had the same thing happen to me. A girl asked me to swap and I really didn't like what she made but felt sorry for her. Well she got two of my bonnets and won't return my emails either.
It has me to the point of being afraid of swaps. So I think from now on I am only swapping with people I know.
How sad though it makes it bad for us bloggers who are honest.
I hope the gals read this and come through with their swaps.
It is terrible esp. since you gave your grandmother brouch.
I hope it never happens to you again, I think most people are honest, we just have some bad apples. Hugs, Lecia