Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hope Everyone IsHaving A Wonderful New Year!

A New Year, but no new resolutions this year. I decided I wasn't going to bother, because I never seem to do them anyways. How about you? I am so glad for the New Year, I sure hope it is better than last year. It is so cold out, and is starting to snow...wouldn't you love to see some beautiful spring flowers popping up through the ground? As you can tell, I can not wait for Spring and some warm weather.  I ran across this again and it was the perfect reminder for me. I think I shall start living by these sweet quotes. I love both of these.

I went to the thrift store and found this great candleholder. I can't wait to redo it. I have several thoughts in mind. I also wanted to post a pic of  two of the snowmen I finished. I need a pick me up. Should have had these done before Christmas. But I will keep them out till Spring.

Guess I better get busy. I have more pics to post later of a great giveaway I won. Have a wonderful night!

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anti snore said...

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