Wednesday, January 16, 2013


  I signed up for Wendy's "PAYING IT FORWARD" (RAVENWOOD WHIMZIES), And I hope some of you will join in on mine.  The idea is to send  5 people (the first five people to sign up) a gift to make someones day and a reason to smile , just a wonderful act of kindness. If you sign up, you must also post this and do the same for 5 people who sign up on your blog. This is for USA AND CANADA ONLY. You must specify in your comment that you want to join in on "PIF" . You must follow through on your end, and remember that it is always better to give then receive. It will be something handmade or maybe something elsa you might really like. there will be no junk! So come on Ladies, sign up!!!


Hillcresthome Prims said...
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Rhodes Creations said...

Thanks for stopping in and looking forward to being your swap partner! Blessings, Laura R.